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Glare influences the visibility of details and the eyesight. Categories are (UGR/NB) and (TI/°).

Color rendering index (CRI)

The Color Rendering Index is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The maximum Ra = 100 means the light source radiation is equal to an ideal black body radiator.


Symbol: Ra

Unit: Ra index

Correlated color temperature (CCT)

The correlated color temperature of a light source is equal to the temperature of an ideal black body radiator.


Unit: Kelvin (K)


Illuminance is the total incident luminous flux on a surface per unit area.


Symbol: E

Unit: Lux (lx)

Formula: E = Φ/A


The lifetime describes the time of degradation of the light source, e. g. the time in which the light output decreased to 80%.


Symbol: L 80

Unit: time (h)


Luminance is the luminous intensity per unit area of light in a given direction and angle.


Symbol: L

Unit: (cd/qm)

Formula: L = I/A (L = I/A cos Φ)

Luminance distribution

Luminance distribution is the ratio of different areas and their corresponding luminances.

Luminous color

Luminance color describes ranges of correlated color temperatures (CCT).


Warm white (< 3,300 K)

neutral white (3,300 K – 5,300 K)

cold white (> 5,300 K)

Luminous efficacy

Luminous efficacy is the ratio of luminous flux to electrical power consumption of the lamp. The higher the value, the more efficient the lamp.


Term: Luminous efficacy

Symbol: η

Unit: lm/W

Formula: η = Φ/P

Luminous flux, luminous power

Luminous flux is the radiated power of a light source including the spectral sensitivity of the human eye.


Symbol: Φ

Unit: Lumen (lm)

Luminous intensity

Luminous intensity is an expression of the amount of light power emanating from a point source within a solid angle of one steradian.


Symbol: I

Unit: Candela (cd)

Formula: I = Φ/ω


Our focus bin is located in the center of the Planckian Curve and within a 3 step MacAdam ellipse.


In order to provide a visual task, the uniform distribution of brightness, luminance or illuminance is important in addition to the required lighting level in many cases. The uniformity is calculated by the ratio of minimum to average illuminance.


Formula: Emin/Emid Lmin/Lmid

Tj Away® (LED Linear™ Technology)

The flexible circuit board material (FPC) with extra copper layer enables advanced thermal management.

White point binning

It basically means that the binning of the LEDs is done considering the clean white with a certain colour temperature, which is produced when all RGB single colors are at full power.


The efficiency is the ratio between the total luminous flux emitted by a device and the total amount of input power.


Symbol: η

Unit: %