Widerlager Hardbrücke

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Zurich, Switzerland

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Lighting design

Lucet Bern


flender generalplaner


Zurich, Switzerland

Building owner

Tiefbauamt der Stadt Zürich


Christian Burtolf, Lucet

ProductsADONIS IP67
General Management:Gruner Wepf
Electro planning:R+B engineering

The high street "Hardbrücke" forms one of the most important traffic axes through the city of Zurich. As part of the expansion of the first tram line over the bridge, the Hardbrücke station was expanded and the Hardplatz was redesigned.

The technical installations for the operation of the traffic over the bridge are housed in the so-called abutment. The attractively designed abutment now also houses a shop and a café. The façade consists of folded expanded metal in golden color which is accompanied by the light color. The lighting starts in twilight in white and slowly changes to gold at midnight to be white again until dawn. The lighting control was realized by SE lightmanagement.

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