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Zabok, Croatia

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Lighting design



Svebor Andrijević, Jasna Zmajić


Zagorski vodovod


Zabok, Croatia


Zvonimir Mihaljek

ProductsVENUS TV IP67

Vodospremnik is a sightseeing place just above Zabok city.

Zabok water tank is an infrastructure building with a water distribution center in the Zagorje area and a laboratory. It is located on a hill in the contact zone of the city center and belt with the family construction of busy hillsides. The client, Zagorski vodovod, initially had the idea to expand the planned water tank program, not only in technical terms, but also programmatically, with additional possibilities of using the water tank space for the purpose of promoting and presenting their activity, drinking water management. This endeavor is complemented by a desire to design this important infrastructure building well to create a new visual identity for the space away from the mere resolution of water supply requirements. The customer used VENUS RGB TV to also show the visual effects.

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