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Saint Malo, France

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tpf.i / L’ingénierie co-créative, Rennes


Liard & Tanguy, Rennes


Lycée Public Maritime Florence Arthaud, Saint Malo


Saint Malo, France

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ElectricianOET, Cesson-Sévigné

The Lycée Public Maritime Florence Arthaud is a vocational school for maritime training in all trades of the sea in Saint Malo. The newly built complex of buildings on a plot of 14,000 m² was opened in September 2015. During the construction much attention was paid to environmental protection and sustainable development, therefore the lighting was realized with LEDs. In the hallways, stairwells and common areas of the students linear lighting solutions from LED Linear™ were installed. The XOOLUM™ HYDRA HD15 W840 with opal cover was used, offering high luminance and a pleasant diffused light. The installation is also appealing from decorative perspective because the luminaires were mounted in the ceiling, so that they do not protrude. The result is a harmonious picture with linear accents.

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