Thermes Marins de Saint Malo

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Bretagne, Saint Malo, France

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Lighting design



Paumier Architectes associés


TABUR / Thermes Marins de St Malo


Bretagne, Saint Malo, France

ProductsVENUS TV IP67
ArchitectPaumier Architectes associés
Electrics & InstallationJean-Luc Berthelot / TABUR

The Aquatonic Pool in the Thermes Marins de Saint Malo offers a unique concept for a true moment of well-being. A warm seawater labyrinth heated between 31 and 34°C and different pool areas with underwater jets, currents, counter-currents, showers and bubble baths. The elements that make up the labyrinth have been conceived to particularly promote relaxation, blood circulation and muscle tone. Since lighting also is an important factor for well-being, a completely new lighting concept with linear LED lighting solutions was implemented during the renovation of the thermal bath. The decisive criterion in the choice of lighting was the IP67 protection, as in the spa high humidity is given. The cove was realized with the VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD15 W830 IP67, which makes uniform illumination with pleasant luminance possible. In the ceiling VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS W830 TV IP67 was used. This design light line sets decorative accents and is suitable even for general lighting due to their high luminance. Through the opal encapsulating it emits a pleasant, diffused light.

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