State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg

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Stuttgart, Germany

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Lighting design

Licht Kunst Licht AG


Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin


Stuttgart, Germany

Building owner

Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg represented by Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg


Marcus Ebener

Light cooperationObjekt Leuchten Berlin

The lighting concept by Licht Kunst Licht supports the sensitive renovation concept of Staab Architects with an innovative daylight and artificial lighting solution.

In the case of such a consistently transparent building as on the state parliament, the interior lighting naturally defines the external perception of the building quite substantially. Thus, the spatial dramaturgy of the house is easy to read even in the dark: The bronze paneling and the tinted windows enclose the two upper floors into a powerful cube, which seems to float above the recessed, colorless glazed ground floor. The light-staged walls of the staircase blocks on the ground floor and the outer wall of the plenary hall on the upper floors additionally emphasize the effect of the house, which shines from the inside. For this special type of lighting, the LED linear luminaire XOOLINE™ was used in Contour C006 with HYDRA HD36.

The bright core was already overlaid with a graphic light pattern in the existing solution, which blends in with the supporting structure of the house. It was marked by strips of light between the falls just behind the facade, which also provided the general lighting of the room. In the course of the renovation, the light lines now exclusively assume the task of representative night-time effect. The lighting elements were intelligently integrated behind the metal grid ceiling. In this way, more light falls on the internal soffits, while the light bands themselves remain discreetly in the background. This intelligent effect was developed in cooperation with the company Objekt Leuchten Berlin. As an LED Linear™ lamp the HYDRA HD36 convinced in 4,000 K.

In the restaurant of the state parliament, a light line meandering through the room forms a charming graphic element. The thread curtains suspended in the profile are gently caught by the light. This is made possible by the LED Linear™ luminaire SKYLLA Side View (W827), which, as a flexible, bendable luminaire, is very well suited for ceiling mounting solutions.

Licht Kunst Licht – State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg

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