State Parliament Lower Saxony

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Hannover, Germany

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Lighting design

Licht Kunst Licht AG


Blocher Partners, Stuttgart


Hannover, Germany

Building owner

Land Niedersachsen


Henning Stauch


The light concept

From 2014 to 2017, the plenary section of the existing building was modernized, and the traditional building carefully harmonized with contemporary functionality. Today's plenary area is transparent, modern and flooded with light. The claim to be an open house for the citizens is now also architecturally apparent.

Light shapes the perception of space and creates atmosphere. Daylight is crucial for well-being. The plenary hall opens to the south over six façade-high windows to the square of the ‘Göttingen Sieben’ and is illuminated throughout the course of the year. Natural light develops its own character depending on the time of day. With complementary artificial light, consistent light conditions in daylight quality are achieved inside the hall, guaranteeing equally good working conditions, even on long days of meetings until the evening. A clearly structured lighting grid gives the plenary hall ceiling peace and continues into the ‘Portikushalle‘, the bistro and other secondary areas.

The light planners Licht Kunst Licht linked aesthetic aspects and functional requirements. Thus, the slightly oval ceiling dome is illuminated indirectly. A frame made of indirect light sets the roof space in the dark and gently fades in the glass surface. The indirect linear cove lighting on the different ceilings was realized with the LED Linear™ luminaire XOOLINE™ HD15 in 4,000 K, which ensures general lighting and sets accents for the different materials such as wood, concrete, metal.

Licht Kunst Licht – State Parliament Lower Saxony

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