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Goettingen, Germany


Henning Stauch

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The Forum Building
The glass forum is the newest building on the approx. 170,000-square-meter Sartorius Campus. The new building combines laboratories, conference and training rooms, a company restaurant for up to 3,000 people and approximately 350 office workstations on the three upper floors.

With its oblique angles and bent facades, the glass forum is the perfect embodiment of Sartorius AG's self-image as an innovative, lively and dynamic company.

The heart of the building is the atrium, which, with its unique architecture and affirming lighting design, is intended to reflect the company's pioneering innovative strength.

A building block for this strong distinctive identity is the specially designed triangular steel structure for the roof of the atrium. Early and close collaboration between architects and the lighting designers from Studio DL enabled the creation of an architecturally integrated lighting design that affirms the architectural gesture of the truss.

From the perspective of the main entrance, the narrow, integrated light lines on the vertical v-shaped components can be seen. These are tracing the depth of the special structure. From the rear view, the closed triangular surfaces are again indirectly illuminated. Due to the slightly oblique angle resulting from the supporting structure, these are thereby vividly brought out by the light.

A total of 200 units of the VarioLED™ Flex SKYLLA White TV IP67 design light line in lengths of 1.9 m each with a color temperature of 3,900 Kelvin were installed to illuminate the steel structure.

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