Room of Silence in the State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg

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Stuttgart, Germany

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Lighting design

Licht Kunst Licht/Maik Czarniak


Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg


Stuttgart, Germany

Building owner

Landtag Baden-Wuerttemberg


Bernhard Huber

Space concept+ArtworksBernhard Huber
Implementation planningStaab Architekten/Thomas Schmidt
Site managementVermoegen- und Bau Baden-Wuerttemberg, Amt Stuttgart

It is intended to radiate peace and give visitors new strength: On 16 July 2019, after two and a half years of planning and construction, the newly created “Room of Silence” was opened. “In Parliament, where things are often turbulent and also heated, the place, which is available to MPs, visitors and staff, is intended to be a retreat for prayer or meditation and also for ecumenical devotions,” said State Parliament President Muhterem Aras. The “Room of Silence” is located in the basement of the Parliament building directly at the tunnel to the House of Representatives. It was artistically designed by the Esslingen-based spatial concept artist Bernhard Huber. “In the Room of Silence, the visitor can leave behind the noise of this world and the thoughts unsorted by sensory overload, he can free himself and draw strength,” said Huber. 

The lighting concept was realised with the MARS Wall Washer luminaire. The luminaires were integrated into the ceiling to illuminate the walls homogeneously over the entire surface. The XOOLINE™ luminaire was chosen to backlight the glass artworks, creating an optimal lighting atmosphere in harmony with the artworks.

An artists' competition was held for the design of the "Room of Silence", which measures approximately 40 square metres. The jury of experts consisted of representatives of the state parliament and the parliamentary groups, the Landesbetrieb Vermögen und Bau, churches and religious communities as well as architects. Bernhard Huber was finally awarded the contract for the design. In the jury's view, his design implements the idea of tranquillity, beauty and dignity very well. The state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg is thus one of a number of state parliaments that have such a place of retreat. Of the other 15 state parliaments, seven also have a “Room of Silence”. 

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