Porsche Square

The heart of Porsche beats in Zuffenhausen, because here the  first 911 ran off the assembly line in 1963. Inspired by this myth the English artist Gerry Judah has created an impressive sculpture. It consists of three pillars, each carrying a Porsche 911 at their tips in up to 24 meters height. The vehicles are from different years of construction and therefore documenting the history of the classic to some extent. The artwork on the Porsche Square is an optical focal point for visitors from around the world - and that day and night. The base was thereby illuminated with the VarioLED™ Flex PHOBOS in W840, which is characterized by a high luminance at absolutely point free light. The light is therefore pleasantly homogeneous for passers-by and illuminates the base free of shadows. In addition, the luminaire is flexible and IP67 protected and therefore ideal for this application.

Lighting design

Acende Lichtgestaltung


Stuttgart, Germany


Acende Lichtgestaltung

Location of the project