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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Gothenburg, Sweden



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One of the largest innovation projects of Fagerhult

Platinan is situated right in the heart of Gothenburg. The building, with 60,000 square metres of floor space, has become a new landmark with offices, a hotel, and meeting spaces, all developed by the real-estate company Vasakronan. With its unique architecture, Platinan is special in many ways – from its size and construction to its focus on sustainability and the light environment. 

On behalf of Vasakronan, Fagerhult has created a wide range of customised solutions for the entire building - from the sky bar all the way down to the garage. The electrical light collaborates with the natural daylight, so each luminaire has been carefully placed to only provide light where needed. A lighting concept focusing on both people’s well-being and energy savings. 

The large glass facades reflect the surrounding city and create dynamic indoor environments. A smart control system measures the amount of daylight so that the electric light is regulated to complement the natural light. Everything from lighting and ventilation to heating and water is controlled via Platinan’s control system, which works seamlessly with human movement patterns. 

Right from the start of the project, sustainability and a minimal carbon footprint were top priorities. The fact that Platinan is now the proud holder of the highest possible LEED certification, Platinum, is proof that many wise, long-term choices and sustainable processes were a common goal and shared focus for everyone involved. 

With its 60,000 square metres, Platinan is a building for a variety of businesses where each unique environment has its own unique lighting solution. With the right light for people, in the right place and at the right time. All products were delivered by Fagerhult in collaboration with the sister companies WE-EF LIGHTING, LED Linear™ and with the partner SIMES.

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