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Peetri, Estonia

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Peetri, Estonia


BM Light OÜ


The company Osmo sells wood and products made of wood, such as strips, staircases, doors and worktops. In addition, it specializes in wood paints, which preserve the natural beauty and strength of wood for a long time. The company was founded in 1878 as a wood and building material business and offers exclusively high quality products.

In the lighting design of the new Showrooms in Estonia, it was therefore particularly important to put the products in the right light and emphasize their quality. The product wood is an organic material in warm tones, so it is best to use also a warm or natural light color. Another prerequisite was to have a lighting solution on the ceiling, which offers a general lighting and yet illuminates the exhibition pieces optimally. As a third requirement, a small, elegant luminaire should be selected so that it is more in the background and the showroom is not affected too much. Therefore XOOLUM™ was chosen. This filigree luminaire allows the use of high output tapes and different optics. The lighting characteristics of wallwash and opal are combined in one luminaire - a functional, efficient luminaire that performs several tasks at the same time. 3,000 K were chosen as light color. The natural character of the wood is optimally emphasized. Another advantage of LED lighting: since it does not emit UV radiation, the natural material is protected from fadi

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