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Oslo, Norway

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Lighting design

Fagerhult Belysning


Hille Melbye Architects / Kristin Jarmund Architects


Oslo Havn


Oslo, Norway


Veronika Moen

LED Linear™ Partner

Fagerhult Norway

Skur 38 is perhaps Oslo's coolest office space, located right on the quayside at Vippetangen. The building, which has been a terminal for both the American Line and the British fleet, and now the Port of Oslo's head office, is on the City Heritage Agency's yellow list and has been rehabilitated in a way that highlights the building's history. Built in 1915 as Norway's first reinforced concrete building, it is uniquely situated in a historic building environment with Fishing halls and the grain silo in the immediate vicinity.

While using modern technology and energy-efficient solutions, the rehabilitation of the office building has contributed to the positive development of the area and the preservation of the maritime cultural history. Reuse and circular economy are central to the innovative rehabilitation of Skur 38, which is a FutureBuilt model project. The project has high environmental ambitions, a sustainable approach and environmentally friendly solutions. The building has also saved significant CO2 emissions by retaining and rehabilitating the existing concrete structures in the project. The project has been driven by good collaboration and a high level of expertise at all levels. 

In this unique project, the ECLIPSE IP40 design luminaires was successfully installed to create an ideal workspace lighting in the premises of Skur 38. The ECLIPSE luminaires were strategically placed above conference tables and workstations to ensure a professional and efficient lighting setup.

The impact of the ECLIPSE IP40 light is particularly remarkable in this historical building environment. The luminaires provide bright and uniform illumination, fostering an inspiring work atmosphere. The glare-free light ensures comfort and enables productive work without eye fatigue. The high-quality LED technology of the ECLIPSE luminaires not only guarantees optimal light quality but also provides an energy-efficient lighting solution that aligns with the ambitious environmental goals of Skur 38's FutureBuilt model project.

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