Office building Optex

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Otsu, Japan

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Lighting design

Archinet-Kyoto First-Class Registered Architects Co., Ltd


Archinet-Kyoto First-Class Registered Architects Co., Ltd


Otsu, Japan


Daijirou Okada

LED Linear™ Partner

Luci Co., Ltd.

ProductsVENUS TV IP67
ConstructionFuji Electoric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

The office building of the Optex Group in the Japanese city of Otsu is characterized by its unique architecture. The facade lighting was realized with the NIKE TV IP67 design light line. This puts the special structure well in the spotlight and the building can be seen from far away. This light design mounted on the exterior wall, where the light source can be seen directly, is a rarity in Japan so far, which means that this project could be groundbreaking for light designs of this kind in the future.

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