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Duesseldorf, Germany

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Deilmann Architekten Stadtplaner


Deck 21


Duesseldorf, Germany


Reinhard Koslowski

ProductsVENUS SV IP67

Deck Twenty One - the new Duesseldorf work oasis
Full speed ahead! This is the daily working motto of the employees of the “Deck Twenty One” in the north of Duesseldorf. Because with the new, imposing “office ship”, the symbiosis of work and well-being has been absolutely successful. The modern and sustainably designed new office building with leased areas totaling 4,781 m², is especially characterized by unusual, striking architecture. The inspiration was the sweeping, maritime lines and shapes of a large Rhine ship. The narrow long property with a length of about 165 meters with a height of only three stories, it blends harmoniously into its surroundings with a touch of understatement. An architectural eye-catcher that pays homage to the beauty of the Rhine and modern design.

The Duesseldorf architect Thomas Deilmann of “Deilmann Architekten Stadtplaner” is behind the extraordinary concept. And he has also succeeded in doing something special with this project: Skilfully combining profession with well-being. Because well-being, in addition to the impressive architecture, is one of the main concerns in the realisation of the “Deck Twenty One”.

In order to showcase the modern and sustainably designed office building powerfully at night as well, the flexible VENUS outdoor luminaire was installed in the horizontally integrated sun protection slats of the façade. The warm indirect lighting in 3,100 Kelvin reflects the bronze-colored slats. The VENUS Side View emits indirect light downwards to stylishly underline the characteristic architecture of the building. Thus, the building attracts all eyes even at night.

Cove lighting
Interior design and technical structure of the “Deck Twenty One” are perfectly prepared for the requirements of modern working environments. Thus, in addition to the facade lighting, a pleasant working atmosphere is also created indoors. In the cove sails of the corridors, the VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA LED tape was used in 3,000 Kelvin with over 500 m. The indirect light creates continuous shadow-free light and thus contributes to a successful working atmosphere.

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