National Maritime School ENSM

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Havre, France

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Marine Nationale


Havre, France


Luc Boegly & Sisley Carnus

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ProductsVENUS TV IP67
Electrical companyMasselin Océane

The National Maritime School

The SOGEA construction/ AIA/ ECHOS/ ECONOMY 80 consortium was selected to design and implement the ENSM du Havre. Compact and chiseled, the architecture of the new school of Marine imposes itself in the urban context with its monochrome skin. Metallic, with changing reflections, according to the seasons, the hours of the day and climatic variations, to make it a marine organism and living urban.

The primary and rationalist frame of this ship appears and disappears, according to the hours of day and night, through the transparency of its expanded metal monochrome shell that reveals mobile prospects supported by the red lighting of our product Venus TV IP67.

The school is developing an educational project called «Ship In School». The spirit of this project is to make the building itself an educational tool by giving it a organization comparable to that of a ship. This is of course not to create a real ship on the dock but to take back the great features in terms of templates, volumes, and materials.

Some of the interior lighting of the building could be realized with XOOLUM™ IP40 products and with the Mix & Match range combining profiles and LED tapes that our French subsidiary could cut, weld and assemble, adapting our solutions to the constraints of the building.

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