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Yakum, Israel

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Aronson Lighting Design and RTLD Lighting Design


Broadcom Offices


Yakum, Israel


Aronson Lighting Design

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ProductsVENUS TV IP67

For the offices of Broadcom in Yakum, Israel Lighting Designer Eran Aronson of Aronson Lighting Design and RTLD Lighting Design created a special installation with 31 VENUS luminaires. Each luminaire was individually bent on site by him. Therefore, no luminaire is like the other, and all differ in their bends and hanging technique. Overall, the project produced 31 extraordinary luminaires made of 775 meters of flexible VarioLED™ Flex VENUS, 775 meters of aluminum profile, 775 meters transparent shrink tubing, 775 specially designed connectors, 775 silicone-coated steel cables, 775 ceiling terminals and all that, in more than 775 hours of planning, designing and installing. Eran Aronson captured this exciting process in a video, which was produced in collaboration with Yoni Gofer. Enjoy watching "Light Sketch"!

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