Länsi Satama – Western harbour and ferry terminal

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Helsinki, Finland

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Lighting design

Rambøll, Mr. Juha Hälikkä


City of Helsinki


Helsinki, Finland

LED Linear™ Partner

Oy Nylund-Group Ab

ProductsKALYPSO IP67

Länsi Satama is the newly developed ferry terminal in the Western harbour of Helsinki. The large square in front of the ferry terminal which also features the tram line terminal and loop is completely lit with a seemingly random pattern of KALYPSO fixtures suspended from a wire grid above the tram overhead lines. In order to allow for the unusual application a customization of the fixture and mounting accessories was developed for the project. It was used a KALYPSO HYDRA HD15 W 835 with a length of 952 mm, a beam angle of 60°and an IP protection class of 67.

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