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Berlin, Germany

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Lighting design



KaDeWe Group


Berlin, Germany


Derek Hudson

ProductsXOOLINE™ HYDRA White IP40

The “Kaufhaus des Westens “ (KADEWE) is a department store in Berlin with an upscale range and luxury goods, which was opened in 1907. Today, the KADEWE is the largest department store in continental Europe, with 60,000 square meters of retail space.

A space-defining element in the iconic "Women's Designer Fashion" area on the second floor is the graphic vaulted ceiling. Linear, indirectly lit coves, interspersed with narrow bridges, run through the room creating a soft basic illumination in warm white light at 3,000 Kelvin. In total, 1.8 km of the XOOLINE™ HD10 luminaire was installed in the cove.

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