Interior façade light wall, Marriott Hotel

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Berlin, Germany

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Lighting design

Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn/Berlin/Barcelona/Bangalore


Prof. Bernd Albers, Berlin


Marriott Hotel Group, Berlin


Berlin, Germany



Imposing staging of a wall of light:

With its luminous light wall, the Marriott Hotel in Berlin presents a concentrated moment of architectural introspection in a highly dynamic environment - both inside and out.

The 98.4 feet high and 32.8 feet wide luminous light wall is vertically structured by an architectural grid in front of it. The wall itself consists of 72 individual panels made of expanded copper mesh that appear to glow from within thanks to LED lights mounted on the sides. Illuminated by grazing light, the panels suggest spatial depth across the entire wall. On closer inspection, the scene transforms into a diffuse image that defies precise interpretation. The visual impression varies depending on the position of the viewer in the room. Depending on the angle of view, different image compositions emerge that are reminiscent of moving cloudscapes. A lighting control system supports the installation with a variety of individual lighting scenarios.

This project shines with a lighting-technically sophisticated backlighting. The ULTIMA-S NANO luminaire with narrow beam characteristics served as the light source. A total of 152 luminaires in special lengths were installed in the light wall. Since the entire installation depends heavily on the viewing angle, the luminaires had to be mounted in such a way as to create an absolutely uniform surface across the wall. The lighting design comes from the pen of Licht Kunst Licht and convinces with ULTIMA through a clear and homogeneous lighting atmosphere without disturbing effects.

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