Heritage Street Golden Temple

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Amritsar, Punjab, India

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Punjab Regierung, City of Amritsar


Amritsar, Punjab, India



ArchitectAnoop Bartaria, Sincere Architects & Engineers, Jaipur, Rajasthan

When Anoop Bartaria, the Jaipur-based architect responsible for the redevelopment of the Heritage Street that leads to the Golden Temple, first visited the site in Amritsar, his impression was rather grim, "Frankly, it looked shabby, with billboards everywhere, small shops with big flex boards, and a mesh of wires hanging overhead," he says in dismay. 11 months later, the street front that leads visitors straight to the Temple was renewed, refurbished and a sight for sore eyes. "The idea was to give the place a vintage took, reminiscent of Amritsar that existed 400 years ago. More than 20 buildings and facades were illuminated in the area to achieve this."

Addressing a challenging set of facades, each presenting unique construction systems and requirements, the architects listed out their own requisites for the lighting scheme, priority being given to a concealed method of illumination. The biggest hurdle was faced in the lighting of public areas, wherein there was limited space for mounting fixtures. The designers resorted to VarioLED™ Flex ECO IP67 and HYDRALUX™ White LD10 IP67 in W825 from LED Linear to achieve the desired effects.

The Ambedkar Circle that is represented through a miniature sculpture of the Parliament House in New Delhi, topped with a statue of B R Ambedkar, commanded a similar approach to sensitively lighting its form with minimum glare that would affect passing traffic. Flexible VarioLED™ Flex Side View ECO LD10 White IP67 luminaires with asymmetrical beams by LED Linear were installed to do the needful.

Among other buildings and areas, Dharam Singh Market's facade was given prominence for its archetypal design. Linear lights from LED Linear's portfolio were employed to create a consistent and uniform effect, akin to the luminaires being embedded in the facade. Bartaria says, "I believe that lighting in the city that engages its residents and adds social and economic values to its urban spaces is an art," and they were able to achieve their goals in Amritsar in a rather sustainable and energy efficient manner through the use of meticulously selected products.

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