Governor’s House, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

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London, United Kingdom

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Lighting design

Cundall Light4


TP Bennett




London, United Kingdom

ProductsVENUS TC 3D IP67
Structural EngineerHeyne Tillett Steel
VideoHeyne Tillett Steel

One of the main features in the building is the central staircase which creates a spine through project. Cundall Light4 wanted to delineate this feature by highlighting its shape and scale. To achieve this, they needed a fixture that could follow the straight lines and vertical and horizontal bends and curves while providing a homogenous line of light. On this basis, VENUS 3D was the specified product as it could achieve this complex brief.


In detailed design, the small dimensions of VENUS 3D were integrated into a shadow gap detail that ran through the staircase string at ankle level to allow the light output to fill that void and gently wash the edge of the stair treads and landings. This was mocked-up with a LED Linear™ sample and section of staircase to ensure the desired lit effect would be met.


The ability to have long linear series runs of VENUS 3D was used to minimise the quantity of drivers needed for the installation and these were hidden in the staircase string for ease of install and maintenance.  Long individual lengths of VENUS 3D were then able to be manipulated to follow the details on site and fixed with small mounting clips. The run through cables that are standard on Venus 3D were then connected together to create long series runs to ease install.

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