Garage lighting, private house

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Davos, Switzerland

Lighting design

LIGHT ON, Zollikon


Private house


Davos, Switzerland


Amazing luminous panorama

LIGHT ON recently installed its largest ULTIMA-S backlit picture in a chalet in Davos. The picture, which is over nine metres wide and almost two metres high, is part of the garage lighting of the chalet, which is prominently located in the mountain sports resort, and provides diffuse ambient lighting, which is completed by recessed downlights and wall washers. The picture thus fulfils far more than just decorative purposes.

This is also made possible by the high performance of the ULTIMA-S, which is achieved by perfect light distribution using nano-lenses. This also predestined ULTIMA-S for other uses in this project, such as the steps, the banister or the kitchen lighting. The installation of the picture took less than one working day. Only the initial frame assembly required some helping hands.

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