Gammel Hellerup High School

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Hellerup, Denmark

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BIG, Denmark


Gammel Hellerup High School


Hellerup, Denmark


Martin Professional, Leif Orkelbog-Andresen

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The 1100 sqm multi-purpose hall and the two-level addition to Gammel Hellerup High School just north of Copenhagen, provides existing students with generous spaces for social and creative unfolding, while increasing the capacity of the school in response to its growing popularity.

Construction materials and finishes known from the multi-purpose hall are integrated in reverse – where the sports hall is a sandwich of wood above and below with walls of concrete, the classrooms are the opposite – wooden walls spanning between concrete surfaces above and below. The continuity and repetition of the materials creates a coherent visual identity for the school. The NIKE design light line fits perfectly with the wooden walls of the hallways, staircases and meeting zones.

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