Faveur Minami Aoyama

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Tokyo, Japan

Lighting design

EOSplus Co., Ltd.


Kubota Architects & Associates


Tokyo, Japan


Toshiyuki Yano

LED Linear™ Partner

Luci Co., Ltd.

ProductsVENUS TV IP67
ConstructionTAKISHIN Co., Ltd.

Completed in June 2018, the FAVEUR MINAMI AOYAMA apartment building in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the most luxurious buildings in its area. The staircase on the outside of the building is homogeneously illuminated by the warm white PHOBOS light line embedded in the custom-made handrail. Thus, the illuminated handrail not only provides good illumination of the steps at night, but also gives the building an additional touch that is both luxurious and very modern.

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