Crystal Hotel fitness area

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St. Moritz, Switzerland

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Lighting design

LIGHT ON, Zollikon


Crystal Hotel fitness area, St. Moritz, Switzerland


St. Moritz, Switzerland

Building owner

Crystal Hotel, St. Moritz


Daniel Kessler, Zurich

ProductsVarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD White

When redesigning the fitness area at the 4-star Crystal Hotel in St. Moritz, LIGHT ON created a completely new spatial dimension through an oversized light image. Inspired by another project, the architect wanted for the space the illusion of a sweeping view of a mountainous landscape: the very narrow, elongated and low space was to be illuminated over the entire length with a single image artwork.

The seamlessly produced photograph has a total length of 22 meters, which poses a major challenge for both production and assembly. A high image resolution and the experience of the printer guaranteed perfect print quality. Up to 11 people were needed for the unfolded assembly of the huge one-piece picture. The backlight was realized with the LED tape VarioLED Flex HYDRA HD15.

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