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CMS Cameron McKenna LLP


London, United Kingdom


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The office building of CMS Cameron McKenna LLP is centrally located in London, near the River Thames. In this modern office building the human being is at the center, which is reflected in interior design and lighting concept. In the entrance area organic shapes and soft indirect lighting welcome employees, customers and visitors. The new meeting area here is exclusive and invites to stay. The round reception desk and the curved seating are elegantly emphasized with flexible light lines of VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA series in light color 3,000 K. The wall floodings in the building are also realized with flexible lines of light in 3000 K.

A visual highlight in the building is the attractively illuminated staircase with VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD10 on Contour 005. Through the illumination of the steps the user will be guided safely from one to the other floor, customers or visitors of the building also have a point for orientation.

In the ceiling light intensive flexible light lines were used in niches and combined with spots for general lighting. These lighting solutions are high quality and functional. They enhance the quality of life in different areas, because the homogeneous light is pleasant and allows various tasks at the same time such as reading or computer work by sufficient illuminance.

Overall, the sophisticated lighting concept in combination with the high light quality of the selected lighting solutions contribute to well-being of the users, the quality of work and also the quality of the building.  

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