Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

The church of Santa Maria Maggiore is a basilica in Bergamo, Italy, whose construction began around 1137. The impressive church is the center of Bergamo and is an attraction for many tourists, because the interior is completely decorated with brightly painted wood carvings. Furthermore, it is known for its magnificent ceiling paintings and sculptural figures that fit well into the ceiling. To even emphasize this beauty linear LED lighting solutions of LED Linear were installed. The filigree luminaire XOOLINE fits invisibly into the architecture and creates a homogeneous, generous illumination of surfaces. With a color rendering index of CRI > 90, the colors are also reproduced perfectly. Another decisive point in this application: through the use of LED technology no UV radiation could damage the paintings.

Lighting design

Mario Morosini




Bergamo, Italy


Paolo Stroppa

Location of the project