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Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, Canada


Jonathan Friedman

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Vela is a modern hotel lobby bar located in downtown Toronto that demonstrates exquisite architectural lighting design. Latin for ‘sails’, this 4,000 square foot space is inspired by 1930s and 40s supper clubs and features a starry night sky masterfully designed within a century-old brick and timber commercial building. The illuminated space includes a champagne bar, lounge, bar and kitchen dining area, as well as private booth seating. Immediately upon entering the space, guests experience a sense of tranquility that emanates through the fluid delineation of the ceiling lights.

Gliding across the sculpted ceiling is a custom integrated LED lighting system that emphasizes dynamic movement, reminiscent of curving, flowing waves along a river. The lighting system was planned with precision which allows for the design application to seamlessly bendable in various directions to create a cohesive form. Comprised of custom glass-fiber-reinforced-gypsum panels on an airplane cable, the lighting system houses 1,000 feet of flexible LED luminaire linked with clips.

As guests look upward, the soft dimmable 2,700 K lamping emits a warmth that draws their eyes across the entirety of the space from the champagne bar to a vertical drop into the floor. Guests are immersed in a cinematic experience, as though they are ‘sailing’ in a starry night sky with grace and ease.
Vela evokes a sense of refreshing calm and harmony that invites guests to indulge and dine within an ethereal lighting display.

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