Alsterufer 1-3

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Hamburg, Germany

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APB Architekten


Hamburg, Germany

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Alsterufer 1-3 Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG


Prinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH

ProductsOCEANOS IP67
ElectricianPrinzing Elektrotechnik GmbH

One of the most prominent addresses in Hamburg is the Alsterufer 1-3. The prestigious character of the office and commercial building is supported by the high quality of its materials such as a natural stone façade. The office areas are suitable for all room concepts – from single rooms to combi offices to open space. The area of the ground floor is primarily intended for public use such as restaurants, shops and service providers. Spacious courtyards, roomy windows and roof terraces ensure a pleasant working environment with high quality of stay. As a playful, invigorating element, linear ground recessed luminaires were used in the inner courtyard. The RGB luminaires can change their color and the inner courtyard is illuminated in an atmospheric and attractive way.

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