The smallest and brightest lighting solutions for general illumination – with reflector

XOOLUM™ R IP20/IP67 – overview

The smallest linear lighting solution on the market for
general lighting: up to 1,259 lm/ft in an aluminium profile
with 1” x 1.22” (W x H)

A highly modular system offering a 45 degree adjustable luminaire head
and the use of up to 7 different optics: 3 diffuser optics, 3 reflector
optics and an IP67 solution with opal encapsulation

Specially developed, highly efficient reflector optics 25°, 65° and wall washer with eta up to 94%

Cross section 1" x 1.42"
Length up to 13.1'
Power 1.5 W/ft – 12.2 W/ft
Luminous flux up to 1,259 lm/ft
max. Efficacy 140 lm/W
Beam angle/optics Reflectors 25°, 65° and WW
Color temperature, color 2,000 K – 9,600 K, Tunable White, RGB
CRI 85 – 95