VarioLED™ Flex VENUS IQ White/Color/RGB Top View IP67


24 V, flexible, opal encapsulated IP67 protected LED light lines with a cross section of (W x H) 0.63" x 0.6" and vertical bending direction (Top View). 3M self adhesive tape on rear side. Homogeneous and dot free illumination with very low installation depths. Can be delivered in lengths of multiples of 2.46" to a maximum length of up to 16.4'. 4.33" IP67 plug in connectors on both ends. Lifetime of > 60,000 hrs (L80/B10 at Tunable White) resp. 30,000 hrs (L80 at Color and RGB). At maximum length only one side with IP67 plug in connector male, no female connector. Easy installation and a rugged design for harsh environments (e. g. resistant to saltwater, UV, chlorine and solvents). Fully PWM dimmable and engineered in Germany.

Engineered in Germany


Product information
Photometrics & drawings

Technical drawing
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Dimensions &
available lengths

Electrical &
output data

Voltage 24 Volt (23 Vmin, 25 Vmax)
Storage temperature Tsmin = -22°F, Tsmax = 185°F
Ambient temperature Tamin = -13°F
VarioLED™ Flex VENUS IQ White/Color/RGB Top View IP67 IQ White (ATON HD12) RGB (HD10) Color R Color Y Color B Color G
Power (W/ft) 3.5 3.0 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.3
Efficacy (lm/w) @W850 86 22 13 8 16 63
max. length (ft) 16.4 16.4 16.4 16.4 16.4 16.4
R9 up to 25 - - - - -
CRI up to 85 - - - - -
Temp. Tc-point (Tcmax) 158 °F  140 °F  140 °F  140 °F  140 °F  140 °F 
max. ambient temp. (Tamax) 104 °F  104 °F  113 °F  113 °F  113 °F  113 °F 
LED tape Color temperature Color (λ) lumen/feet
IQ White W822 (2600K) - W840 (4900 K) - 190
Red (R) - 622 30
Green (G) - 532 60
Blue - 466 10
Color R - 625 30
Color Y - 595 20
Color B - 472 40
Color G - 529 150


Often copied, but never equaled – the original LED Linear Flex Venus line of products has been enabling outstanding designs since 2010. Featuring dot-free light, minimal dimensions, and robust durability due to high-quality polyurethane encapsulation, all around LED Linear’s industry leading VarioLED Flex HYDRA LED tape portfolio.

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The astonishing uniformity of the light in combination with a small cross section and great flexibility makes the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS family of products special and innovative. The patented IP67 polyurethane encapsulation results in an extraordinary tolerance of harsh environments, is UV resistant and does not discolor over time. This allows for the design of unique lighting applications almost anywhere.

Flexibility combined with high
durability: IP67 protected
against water, salt water and
UV radiation by an opal Polyurethane encapsulation

Dot free and absolutely homogeneous light emission surface

Luminaire with minimal dimensions
for both versions: Top View (16 mm x
15 mm / 0.63" x 0.59") and Side View
(20.5 mm x 10 mm / 0.39" x 0.81")

Cross section 0.57" – 0.63" (TV), 0.76" – 0.39" (SV)
Length up to 16.4'
Power 1.8 W/ft – 4.6 W/ft
Luminous flux up to 404 lm/ft
max. Efficacy 89 lm/W
Beam angle/optics 120°
Color temperature, color 2,200 K – 7,200 K, Tunable White, RGB, Color
CRI 85 – 95

Pure inspiration with the VENUS design light lines

It is above all the astonishing uniformity of the light in combination with its small cross section and great flexibility that makes the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS a special and innovative product. In principle it is a semi-finished product in terms of design, and yet is without doubt a finished unit. And it is precisely this property of the light line that makes it so fascinating. Since the luminaires are available in varying lengths of up to 5 meters as a cast, protected profile, there are hardly any restrictions to its use. The luminaire scores high as regards eco-friendliness – delivering low energy consumption levels, and the LEDs function for 60,000 hours.