The linear revolution of downlights

MARS IP20 – overview

Invisible design with a high light quality: Mars is a modular and customizable linear downlight with a choice of five different light outputs and custom made lengths up to 13’. Anti-glare reflectors offer beam spreads of 25°to 65° while remote drivers offer cost effective installation.

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MARS is a stylish linear recessed solution for general lighting, combining minimal design with maximum lighting and design effects. This innovative lighting system delivers up to 1.200 lumen/ft with a color rendering of CRI > 95. The optimum glare control through a black matte finish (Black Glare Reduction) enables a UGR glare rating of < 13 which  makes it suitable for office work spaces while delivering a high-quality and pleasant light. Especially user friendly is the simple installation with preassembled mounting springs.

Smallest linear recessed solution
for general lighting

Efficient optics and tapes offer
up to 2,232 lm/ft and 134 lm/W

Optimized glare reduction
UGR < 13

Cross section1.6" x 1.3"
Lengthup to 13.1'
Power1.5 W/ft – 12.2 W/ft
Luminous fluxup to 1,179 lm/ft
max. Efficacy134 lm/W
Beam angle/optics25°, 65°
Color temperature, color2,000 – 5,000 K, Tunable White
CRI85 – 95

available colors