Headquartered in Niagara Falls, New York, LED Linear USA supplies high quality linear LED lighting solutions for a variety of applications based on flexible, reel to reel produced circuit boards.

We offer a uniquely manufactured series of product families for interior and exterior lighting solutions. These products stand as proof of our strict manufacturing quality and allow our clients to economically realize their design goals - across all application types.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our innovative and unique product portfolio and to contact us for solutions based on in-depth LED knowledge and a passion for what we do.

Our Mission – We think in light

Our Customers
are the start and end point of all our actions. We seek to provide our customers with unique offerings and every design option conceivable. With our clients we are always authentic, transparent and honest.

Our Team
is the foundation of our success and identify strongly with our business goals. We learn from our experiences and see them as an opportunity for continuous improvement.

Our Suppliers
are important partners in our innovation. We maintain long term relationships based on trust, quality and mutual success. All LED Linear suppliers are leaders in their fields and are subject to rigorous qualification standards.

Our Competition
We respect our competition and welcome any comparison of our products and business practices.

Our Products
We strive to create the most innovative, high performance and reliable Linear LED products to satisfy our customer’s requirements. We never compromise on this expectation. We do not believe in the mere production of lighting equipment and leaving complex issues to the end customer, rather we work closely with all our partners to realize world class lighting solutions. Every issue, no matter how complex, is a challenge for us that we welcome and try our best to resolve.