Türler „Airside“ Airport Zurich

One challenge in lighting concept for the brand shop of jeweler "Türler" at the airport in Zuerich was to bring together the qualities of light of different watch manufacturers showcases. To include the showcases in design and light quality in the room, LIGHT ON equipped them with a uniform LED tape, placed in a light gap. Thus an indirect illumination was achieved, which causes no shadowing on the viewers' faces due to the optimum cylindrical illuminance. The coves in the ceiling and at bottom of the reception counter were equipped with the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS. The opal encapsulated light line donates a pleasant homogeneous light and evenly lights ceiling. The customers can view the exhibits free of shadows and never have the light unnecessarily on their head.

CustomerTürler Uhren & Juwelen, Zurich
LocationZurich, Switzerland
PhotosDaniel Kessler, Zurich
ProductsVarioLED™ Flex VENUS/PHOBOS/SKYLLA White Top View IP67
Architect GLAESER Baden AG, Baden

Location of the project