Tram stop Ostwall, Krefeld

The Ostwall is a north-south running Boulevard in the city center of Krefeld. In redesigning the stop Rheinstraße at the Ostwall an impressive 12 meter wide and 120 meter long glass roof was created, which is to serve the pedestrians and passengers as a shelter. The contours of the roof are  impressively illuminated with linear light lines which is an eye-catcher in the dark. The lighting is a customized solution based on VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA combined with our opal encapsulation technology. Thus, the luminous area is completely dot-free and the light comfortable to the passers. Each luminaire consists of two white light lines and one RGB light line in an aluminum profile. Depending on controlling a bright general lighting or an effective decorative lighting can be realized.
CustomerStadt Krefeld
LocationKrefeld, Germany
PhotosThomas Dörbandt