Toomers Corner, Alabama

One of the City of Auburn’s most recognizable landmarks, Toomer's Corner is at the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue in the heart of the City of Auburn. With Toomer’s Drugs, an Auburn landmark since 1896, facing what has since 1856 been the anchoring corner of Auburn’s campus, Toomer’s Corner is the nexus of campus and city life. The public square is a center of urban life in Auburn. He is nocturnal haven, highly frequented meeting place or simply crossed fast. People with different needs meet here. Toomer's Corner is also a place with a strong identity, which will be emphasized by the lighting. The citizens are proud of their history, which is underlined here. The choice of RGB solutions supports this effect. Colored light stimulates and supports positive emotions. It brings people together and invites you to linger.

CustomerCity of Auburn
LocationAuburn, Alabama
PhotosGretchen Birdwell, Gretchen B Photography, Birmingham, Alabama
ProductsVarioLED™ Flex VENUS IQ White/Color/RGB Side View IP67
Design Borden Morris Garner – Consulting Engineers
Electrician Floyd Service Company
Road and sidewalk design City of Auburn engineers. Jeff Ramsey – Director of Public Works. Brandy Ezelle – City Traffic Engineer

Location of the project