Stair case lighting, German House Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The “Deutsches Haus” Ho Chi Minh City (English translation German House Ho Chi Minh City) is a building complex in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which was opened 2017. The 25-story building complex was initiated under a bilateral government agreement between Germany and Vietnam, with the purpose of setting standards for energy efficiency “made in Germany.” It is the location of the German Consulate General and other institutions and businesses, as well as a cultural and economic hub for German representation in Vietnam.

The snail-like staircase was equipped with the VarioLED Flex VENUS in the handrail and puts a warm light on the steps of the stairs.

Lighting designASA Lighting Design Studios HCMC Vietnam
CustomerGerman House Ho Chi Minh City
LocationHo Chi Minh City , Vietnam
ProductsVarioLED™ Flex VENUS/PHOBOS/SKYLLA White Side View IP67

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