Moreelse Bridge, Utrecht

The Moreelsebrug (or Moreelse Bridge) is a bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Utrecht, Netherlands, spanning the railroad tracks to the south of Utrecht Centraal railway station. It is about 275 metres long and connects the Dichterswijk (Poet District) with Mariaplaats in the inner city district. It was named for Hendrick Moreelse, a 17th-century mayor of Utrecht. Designed by Cepezed Architects, the bridge has been described as “an architectural statement, a beautiful structure with graceful lines that opens up a pleasant boulevard in the middle of a busy city.” The handrails are pleasantly illuminated with the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS.

Lighting designArup Amsterdam
ArchitectCepezed Architects
CustomerCity of Utrecht
LocationUtrecht, Netherlands
PhotosLeon van Woerkom
ProductsVarioLED™ Flex VENUS/PHOBOS/SKYLLA White Top View IP67

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