Lazika Pier Skulptur, Georgia

The pictures show Jürgen Mayer H’s sculpture in Lazika, a planned city in Georgia, located on the Black Sea. The 100-meter long new pier with about 31 meters high steel sculpture was to symbolize the start of construction of the new city. A dynamic, vibrant lighting of interior and exterior represents the sculpture at night as a new landmark.

At this point, a new, economically important port should be built, as in the existing ports large container ships or cruise ships can not anchor.

Lazika, named after the ancient kingdom that was located in this region, but so far only exists in draft form. The project has at least temporarily stopped and the lighting of the new sculpture was turned off. If the city will be ever built, remains uncertain.
CustomerState Construction Company LTD, Georgia
LocationLazika, Georgia
PhotosNew Engineering Company Zurab Mamaladze, Tbilisi (Night)

Location of the project