Hyack Square, Vancouver

Wait for Me, Daddy – WW2 Monument

Hyack Square, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada – unveiled Oct. 4th, 2014

The sculpture is based on the famous photo, “Wait for Me, Daddy”, by Detloff, taken as Canadian Soldiers marched of to War. An image which became iconic for Canada, as well as nations abroad. The Sculpture combines historical and contemporary elements and addresses all generations. Contrary to other WW2 Monuments, this works highlights the difficulties felt by the families, faced with lengthy separation, and the not knowing of what the future holds. At the same time the work is one of hope.

The lighting elements are a part of the sculpture and underline its message. The used VarioLED™ Flex VENUS RGB changes colors over the evening hours and impressively illuminates the sculpture in colored light.

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CustomerDam de Nogales Inc.
LocationVancouver, Canada
PhotosDam de Nogales Inc.

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