Arsuf Panoramic Apartments, Israel

The Arsuf Panoramic complex at the western edge of the Arsuf cliff has been uniquely designed in an attractive arc shape, guaranteeing privacy while also enabling residents to take in the entire panoramic view. Designed by renowned architect and interior designer Ilan Pivko, the terraced structure of the buildings is specifically designed to allow each of its 52 ultra-luxurious apartments an intimate view of the Mediterranean Sea through their expansive wall-to-wall windows. The project includes apartments with high standards, an exceptional smart design, optimally using all available space and with large windows filling the apartments with light and views of the beautiful blue sky.

The integrated lighting is modern and emphasizes the luxurious character of the building complex. On the facade of the VarioLED™ Flex VENUS was used. Its diffused light gently highlights the interesting structure of the façade at night.

Lighting designRama Mendelsohn
CustomerArsuf Panoramic Real Estate Project
LocationGaash, Israel
Building ownerACRO Group and Hagag Brothers
PhotosOmri Amsalem
ProductsVarioLED™ Flex VENUS/PHOBOS/SKYLLA White Top View IP67
Architec Ilan Pivko, Pivko Architects

Location of the project