LED Linear™ has been chosen as a "Brand of the Century"


The idea is as simple as memorable: the "Brands of the Century" show known brand products and the story behind them. LED Linear™ was selected as a "brand of the century" for "The lighting system" from publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt and the project advisory board. Included are more brands that are emblematic of their entire genus: Tempo, the handkerchief. Steiff, the teddy bear. Miele, the washing machine. 

Founded in 2002, it was the aim of the German standards to establish a series of books to present the outstanding achievements of German industry and its entrepreneurs to the public. The books are to be ambassadors of today's "Made in Germany" worldwide. With the award "Brand of the Century" and the publication in the book series, manufacturers have a unique guarantee within their industry and contribute to a full picture of German (world) brand leaders at the same time.

The work also draws attention to the function of strong brands as fixed points and highlights the exciting stories behind the brands. "These are stories that boost brands with life, with identity and thereby impress the memory of consumers. They belong to the positioning of a brand as well as the continuous work on product quality, innovations and advertising," says editor and publisher Florian Langenscheidt.

With a large brands Gala in Berlin on 24th November 2015, the new edition of "Brands of the Century”– »Stars 2016« of the publishing house “German Standards” celebrated high-profile premiere and exciting brand staging. »Stars 2016« combines the Champions League of German brands in one book and thus becomes an overall picture of the performance of the German economy.